Fitness does not have to be teh same routine over and over.  I will work with you to find exercises and workouts that you will enjoy and that will get you to your goals. You may never do the same workout twice!


I use a wide variety of exercises to keep things interesting.  I pull from yoga, boxing, CrossFit, military training, suspension training and even Pilates to make every session interesting and challenging.  You will never be bored.

Fast and Efficient

No more standing around in the gym wondering what you want versus what you should do.  I do all the planning and thinking before you even get there so that you can be focused on form and intensity.  You will move and improve through every minute of your session.


Despite my military background,  I do not scream and yell.  We go through this shoulder-to-shoulder not toe-to-toe.  Positive motivation and accountability are key to making fitness a permanent part of your life.

"I can’t believe I’m saying this….but I am really enjoying working out.  Maybe I was just finally ready. But I’m pretty sure it mostly has to do with Zach's training. Instead of trying to kill me, he encourages me.  And he changes the workouts constantly so that they are interesting and challenging.  Training is now part of my life."
                         -Shawn - Mom, Boss and Certified Bad Ass.

"I've been working with Zach for a couple of months and have gotten great results. I enjoy our personal training sessions and appreciate his fun and encouraging attitude. I would definitely recommend Zach. He has helped me achieve my initial goals and reach for new ones."      -James D.

​​​Work Hard

I don't use any tricks, gimmicks or fads.  Hard work and perfect form will give you the best results for long-term sustainable fitness.

Work Smart​

Injuries and chronic pain frequently come from imbalances in the core muscles and the muscles around the major joints.  Strong extremities overwhelm their support structures resulting in shoulder, hip and back pain and injury.  I work very hard to make sure that we work from the inside out - a strong core and stable joints are essential to good form and true strength.