The day you are diagnosed with Parkinson's is like a bomb getting dropped on your life.

"Degenerative"    "Incurable"    "Carbidopa what-i-dopa?"

​But it is not a death sentence. 

There are still good days ahead.  You can live with PD.  Thousands of people do it every day.  You are not alone.

One way or another get the exercise you need through me,  Rock Steady Boxing or online via The Parkinson's Gym.   Do this for you and for your family.

Don't give up.   Call or write me and I will help you take control of your body and your life again.    There are still good days ahead.

​Specialized Personal Training for Combating Parkinson's Disease

This is personal.

Regular exercise is critical for anyone fighting Parkinson's Disease.  It is the only proven way to protect the brain against the effects of PD.  Exercise has been shown to slow, stop and even reverse the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease.    Everything else just treats the symptoms.

But, exercise is hard!  And Parkinson's makes exercise even more difficult with the depression, apathy and just general fatigue that often accompanies it.  

And, when you do get up to exercise, what should you do?  Lift?  Stretch?  Walk?  Boxing?  Cycling?  How much?  How often?  How hard?

I can help! 

I have been working with people fighting Parkinson's for years and I am the only Parkinson's Specialized Personal Trainer in Knoxville.   I know how to make the most of your time by doing exercises that directly address your symptoms such as:

-Gait (walking) disorders

-Declining Balance

-Bad Posture

-General Fatigue

-Loss of Strength

Exercise in these areas can make all the difference.  You can regain your life. 

You will be amazed what you can accomplish despite having PD.

And don't give me that, "I am too far along" crap.

You are NEVER "too far along" to start exercising, and trying and FIGHTING.

If you are about to crash into a truck do you just say, "Oh well.   We are going too fast"? 

HELL NO!   You jam on the brakes and start FIGHTING.

​I have worked with people who have not stood up by themselves in months if not years. 

They are standing up and fighting now.

Get in here and start FIGHTING FOR YOUR LIFE!   What are you waiting for?

​PD is not going to wait for a better time.

Not all exercise is the same.  

"You have Parkinson's Disease."

If you have done the LSVT BIG program, you know how good you can feel after PD Specific exercises.   Tall.  Strong.  Awake.  Keep feeling that good....   BETTER.   I am certified in the PWR! Moves.   PWR! is the follow on program to the BIG program (but a little more interesting).  IT WORKS!!!   

Get stronger.   Get healthier.   Get happier!

Some exercise is better than none but there are exercises and workouts that have been shown to be better for fighting Parkinson's.  Your time in the gym needs to be maximized and used effectively.

With me, you will learn the most effective exercises for fighting the symptoms and progression of Parkinson's.  You will get healthier and stronger so that your body is less susceptible to the effects of Parkinson's.   With a combination of specialized exercises, strength training, stretching, cardiovascular training and core strengthening we can slow, stop and even reverse the symptoms and progression of PD.

This is too important wait!  PD is not going to wait for you.   Start now!

It is never too late to improve your quality of life.

My father had Parkinson's.  He did not have access to a PD exercise program and his doctors did not understand the benefits of exercise for people with Parkinson's.  He suffered a long slow decline to his death in 2013.
My mission is to make sure everyone with PD gets a fighting chance.  Whether it's personal training, Rock Steady Boxing or online via The Parkinson's Gym, I want to provide everyone access to an exercise program that helps them get the exercise and information that they need to fight the progression of Parkinson's.