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Black Dog On-Line

Personalized at-home training.

Train in your own home, on your schedule.

No more leering gym rats, nasty gym equipment or inconvenient class or trainer schedules.  You can

get great training with results, in the privacy of your own home on your own schedule.  But, you don’t loose the critical parts of having a trainer that make the biggest difference.

Motivation – Regular coaching check-ins will keep you on target and moving forward.  And I am really persistent.  Also, all of your training results are saved so you can see your progress as you get in better shape.

Accountability – The most important service that trainers provide is accountability.  Trainers keep you honest, busy and coming back.  Black Dog On-Line does the same thing by keeping me updated on your daily training status.  I will help keep you on track and sustaining your improvements.

Black Dog On-Line isn't a faceless library of canned workouts.  Each session is custom to you and your goals.  If you have a set back, I will build the workouts to get you up and going again.   If you have a specific goal or event you are working toward, I will build your program to get you there.  Each workout will "meet you where you are" and help you move closer to what you want.​​

Black Dog On-Line is a great option if you:

-Hate making up your own workouts.

-Have a gym but just need someone to tell you what you should do.
-Have a highly variable or unusual schedule (nights, rotating, on-call).
-Travel a lot.  Just send me a picture of your hotel gym (if there is one) and I can make it happen!

-Need some accountability in your exercise program.

-Want to custom training but can't afford an in-person trainer.

If you already belong to a gym, Black Dog On-Line can provide you with your daily workouts that use the equipment you have at your gym.  You don’t have to roam around the gym trying to think up your own workout everyday.  Through Black Dog On-Line I can provide you with the exercise and setting (weight, speed, reps, sets, etc.) for every single part of your workout from the warm-up to the cool down.  And it is all using the equipment you have available at your gym.


As you can tell from this website, I am not concerned with fluff and frill.  I like to just get down to the work.  

There is no app to download.  A link comes to your e-mail.  Click on the link and it takes you to your workout for the day.  Enter your results as you complete each exercise (e.g. “50 lbs, 12 times”), save and you are done!

Take It Anywhere.  Your workouts are accessible from any phone, tablet or computer with internet access so you can even take them on-the-road with you.